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We are a community convinced the hope of the world rests on a relationship with the living God revealed in Jesus Christ.


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I Am New

Welcome to St. James!  Making a decision to become a part of a church family is not easy and takes time.  We invite you to take six weeks to discern if St. James is right for you and your family. Attend the services. Have coffee with some of our members.  Check out one of the small groups.  Every quarter we have a membership class where you can learn more.


Prayer Requests

When trials come, don’t try to carry them on your own.  Whatever burden you carry, bring to the Lord.  We would love to pray for whatever physical, emotional, or spiritual need you have.

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Missions & Outreach

We have a heart to serve the Costa Mesa and bring the good news of Jesus Christ.  We have adopted a local school where we tutor, put on parties, provide meals to families in need, and put on an afterschool program.  We also partner with Trellis to feed the homeless and help to make Costa Mesa a better place.

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Every member of the body of Christ has unique gifts, talents, and abilities.  Put them to use for the glory of God.

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“Glory to you Lord Christ for by his stripes I am healed”

God’s word says “you have not because you ask not” so each time I was in pain with plantar fasciitis and what they thought was oral lupus or oral cancer I asked God to heal me. I would get prayer at church with hands laid on and then glory to God I was healed each time. Glory to you Lord Christ for by His stripes I am healed.

Donna Buehner

“The working of the Holy Spirit in our congregation has been a spiritual high point”

I have been blessed to be able to teach in two small groups and offer my service by reading during Sunday Worship. The work of the Holy Spirit in our congregation has been a gift to watch unfold. For example I have witnessed that Donna was delivered from probable oral cancer. I have experienced the Lord’s gifts such as gold dust, hands full of water, healings and more. The church continues to praise Him and seek God’s presence ever more powerfully as our congregation moves forward in Jesus’ mighty name.

James Buehner

“God is faithful and His timing is always right”

I thank almighty God for the gift of faith that has brought me “through many dangers toils and snares” and gave me joy in the midst of sorrow. He gave me comfort in the midst of pain and truly is “The love that will not let me go”. This past year God blessed me by answering my prayer of the past 25 years by seeing my unsaved loved ones come to faith. My nephew Robin was invited to the Alpha Series and gave his life to Christ. I was also able to go to England to witness his baptism in a small church in the shadow of the mighty Winchester Cathedral. His wife Ruth is now taking the Alpha Class. God is faithful and His timing is always right. All Praise and Thanks to God.

Joan Anne Hearn

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