Altar guild

This is a unique service unto the Lord. If you would like to serve in preparing the sacraments and the Altar for service, you can sign-up to join this ministry. The ministry leaders in charge are Ida Middlesworth and Ellen Kirkland.

Ida Middlesworth 

Ellen Kirkland


If you would like to use your talent to sing for the glory of God, you can sign up to join the St. James Choir. The Choir Director Chuck Maggs not only directs but also gives voice traning to produce a harmonious blend of voices to sing God’s praises at church services.

Chuck Maggs


This ministry involves preparing and presenting food and beverage at church services and events. You can volunteer to serve during the events or sponsor snacks or meals at church services and events. The ministry leader for hospitality is Lee Sutherland.

Lee Sutherland

Lay Eucharist Ministers

These members serve in helping the ordained clergy in serving the Eucharist ( Both bread and wine) on Sunday mornings as well as other times Eucharist is needed.


Ushers ( Not to be confused with greeters) are responsible for seating guests and maintaining the order and security of services.

Paul Stanley


Greeters are those who welcome and say goodbye to those before and after service. They are often part of the welcome team and can be seen as the face of the ministry.

Paul Stanley


A reader is responsible for reading aloud excerpts of scripture at a liturgy.

Yessica Castilan

Video Tech

The video technician will be in charge of helping with the streaming and recording of Sunday and Wednesdays services. Familiarity with soundboards and tech equipment is required.

Sammy Maggs

Childcare and Sunday School Teachers

We want to invest in the youth at our church and community. If you have previous experience in childcare please contact Margie Armstrong.

Margie Armstrong