Our Services

Sunday Service

The 10:00 am service is both live-streamed and in-person and lasts approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Wednesday Noon Eucharist

The Wednesday Noon Eucharist is in-person and lasts about 30 minutes.

 We look forward to seeing you there!

If you have any questions regarding the service email Maryl maryld@stjchurch.life

What to Expect

New to St James? Welcome! We are so glad you are here. Coming to a new church can be intimidating, especially if Anglicanism is unfamiliar. We welcome you as you are and invite you to ask any questions, to just come and observe, or even get involved right away. Your pace is respected.

We desire to have a church that creates space for people to seek God and respond to him. In worship, we give God our love and adoration and invite you to do the same.

When you walk into St James peaceful music may be playing. We recommend arriving a few minutes early to enjoy this time with reflection before service begins.

The Anglican practice is participatory, so join in! 

You might see participants making the sign of the cross, kneeling, and standing at different points during the service. Don’t feel obligated to participate in every part, but you are welcome to follow along. 

You will be given a bulletin for announcements, contact information, and order of service that contains every part of the service to guide you. There will be an overhead projection of lyrics to songs, scripture readings, and any prayer response where you are invited to join in. There are a few words, and phrases that might be unfamiliar to you and we have created a quick fact sheet with some short descriptions of some of these words here.


We celebrate Eucharist (communion) at each of our Sunday services.  Communion is the partaking of bread (representing Jesus’ broken body) and wine (representing Jesus’ poured-out blood) as the whole church (the body of Christ) gathers together remembering what he accomplished for us through his suffering and death.  Jesus commanded his followers to partake in this meal together as often as they gather.

As we consume the elements, Paul said, we “proclaim the Lord’s death until he comes” (1 Cor 11:26).  Jesus did not die for naught; the significance of his death 2000 years ago continues to the present so that with all confidence we can be assured our sins have been forgiven.  By consuming the bread and the wine, we bring into the present what was accomplished for us at his death and proclaim to the world, “His death in the past saves us today.”

When we celebrate communion, we come to the front of the sanctuary.  As you place one hand over the other to receive, the celebrant will place bread in your palms saying, “The body of Christ, the bread of heaven.”   Then a server will bring the chalice of wine to you.  You can either drink from the chalice, or you can dip the bread in the wine.

Communion is for all disciples of Jesus.  If Jesus is your Lord and Savior and you have been baptized, you are welcome to partake in communion.  Otherwise, you are welcome to receive a blessing by coming forward with folded arms across your chest.

Our Location

2995-A Airway Ave. Costa Mesa, CA 92626

(At the corner of Kalmus and Airway Ave.)