There are many reasons to consider joining a small group at St James. Being part of a small group provides an intentional way to grow closer to God together and the mobility to live in Christ’s kingdom. The model of the early church is gathering together, sacrificing for each other, and reading the word of God with open hearts. Jesus taught his disciples in a small group. Therefore, being a part of a small group is an essential part of the life of disciples being transformed into the image of Christ through the Holy Spirit.

We gather and seek the good for others in Christ’s name, not out of obligation, but out of the genuine overflow of the love of God.

If you would like to know more about being in a small group please contact Maryl De Milo at

What is a Small Group?

Doing the Christian life deeply together through honesty, practicing the ways of Jesus, and learning to hear God’s voice through scripture, listening, and breaking bread together.

What do we do in Small Groups?

We share our lives, pray for one another, some study God’s word, others practice spiriutal disciplines, all in the intention of growing in our faith and love of God.

Why Be Part Of A Small Group?

Man is not an island. We are relational beings and God has created us to live connected, abundant, and faithful lives. When we journey together through our lives with Jesus we are strong, supported, and experience the love of God more deeply.

List of Small Groups

at 8:00 am

Promise Keepers
Men’s Group
Meets On Zoom
Jim Carlson:

1st and 3rd
at 7:00 pm

Newport Beach
House Church
Jim Buehner:

2nd and 4th
at 7:00 pm

Santa Ana
Monday Evening Group
Jim & Cheryl Dale:

at 7:00 pm

Tuesday Evening Group

Ryan Grady:

Open to new members!

1st and 3rd
at 7:00 pm

Matthew 4:4 House Church
Meets on Zoom
Paul & Lynne Stanley:

at 6:30 pm

Newport Beach
Coastal Small Group
Eileen Wannett: